Testicle removed in dodgy hotel surgery!?

ballsWhy? For the love of God, why? This guy has a problem with his testicle.

He got kicked by a horse some years ago and it’s giving him some grief.

So - in order to get expert help with it, what does he do?

He advertises for help with it online, finds a guy who rocks up and cuts it off in a dodgy hotel room somewhere.

You can guess what happened right?

His testicle gets super infected, he spends weeks in hospital getting his health put right.

Don’t know about you, but that seriously made me shake my head.

It did happen in Australia and they are different down that way (sorry - couldn't resist a dig)

I know guys like to be all independent and DIY “I can fix it myself” and not make a fuss, but really …

Somethings are worth making a fuss about.

Somethings are worth investing in.

Somethings you can’t fix without help.

Expert help that is.

Like your testicles.

And your state of mind.

So many guys I talk to believe stress is a fact of life.

That coming home and snapping at their partner and kids is regrettable, but sometimes it just happens.

That not being able to sleep at night because of they’re thinking too much is normal.

That having bouts of anger and depression and worry is just part of the modern world.

That having no balance in their lives, no quality time to spend with the family or be in the outdoors or even just to keep fit and the weight down ...

... is what everyone does.

The fact is:

None of this is inevitable.

None of it.

And you’re not weak if you don’t know how to deal with this.

You’re not the only one.

It takes considerable courage actually to stand up and say that the way most men are living their lives is crazy …

And you want no part in it.

So if you do?

Do something now before you need weeks or months or years to recover from your DIY.

I can help. I have the tools and the understandings you need.

You just have to have the willingness to put them into practice.

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Keep the peace! Arjuna


But if you’re ok …

If you’re doing fine just as you are …

and not really committed to really doing what it takes to master your own limitations …

and stop letting your own mind stop you ...

Don't get help. Stay as you are.

I don't mind, really.

But if you’re doing ok, and yet know that you could be even better?