Ditching Overwhelm In The Outdoors

outdoors overwhelmThe greatest skill you can have in the outdoors is a cast iron mindset. One that means you can be super focussed on the thoughts that you want to let in, ignoring the doubts, the thoughts that you can’t and you’ll get hurt.

My biggest challenge in the outdoors has always been overcoming the fears of my own head.

I used to have a friend I would paddle with back in New Zealand.

He was ballsy, no fear, even though I had better skills, he would run stuff I wouldn’t.

Now some might say he could probably do with a little more discernment, but the point holds.

Your own mind is the thing that you’re face to face with in the outdoors.

It’s the thing that means you do, or you don’t.

It’s amazing to me how once you start thinking negatively it becomes harder and harder to pull yourself out.

Once anxiety gets going it can build up some serious momentum.

I used to know I guy who would be throwing up the morning before a big river.

That’s some serious nerves right there.

But it’s found everywhere. You’ll certainly be familiar with it in your work life or in raising a family.

Overwhelm destroys everything, you fall to pieces, you snap and react - unless you can keep a cap on your thoughts that lead to that feeling of wanting to run and hide.

But if you can manage all the internal goings ons, the rewards are incredible.

It’s such a sense of freedom when you’re able to do something even though your head is against it.

There’s a real sense of achievement, of overcoming not only a physical challenge, but also a mental one - isn’t there?

Sometimes you even get so immersed in what you are doing there is nothing but a sweet flow.

You almost know the next moment before it arrives.

No thought, just action.

Certainty and clarity, coming together move by move like a well played chess game.

Now if you are at an elite level you may well be taught some skills that can help you manage the overwhelm factor.

But even the elites have trouble with their own heads, despite everything the psychologists throw at them.

If they knew what I have to teach in Mountain Mindset - this new programme that I specifically written for outdoor athletes?

I don’t want to sound arrogant on this one, but even the elites, with all their whizzo psych skills would be amazed at the results.

Because they don’t have what I have to teach you.

You want a piece of that?

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