Not So Humble Now, Huh?

You want to live a good life, perhaps even a great one? A life, as it is said, that is worth living.

So that when you get to the end of it -

(and who really knows when that might be?)

You have zero regrets.

You wasted not a single moment.

You were courageous and good and compassionate and adventurous and did your best to live as fully as possible.

Seeking even more enjoyment of each and every moment.

In this, you’ve realised a thing or two -

One of those is that you choose your response to life.

You can’t always change the events, but you can choose your responses.

Those responses mean you can freely choose your actions and your words - and therefore get the results you want.

It’s not anyone else who holds you back, but rather your own fears, worries, doubts, beliefs and limitations.

Learning to engage life fully thus involves engaging a different relationship with your thoughts and feelings.


In all of this the greatest thing you can do for yourself is develop a modicum of humility.

Because you don’t know all the answers, and you will mess stuff up.

If you’re like me, you’ll start off believing that you do know, and you won’t mess up.

But you will.

Ha - in fact this path involves getting comfortable with making mistakes.

If anything this universe will show you where you can be more humble -

And yet not retreat into inaction, not hide from doing things …

But taking the attitude of “how can I do better next time?”

Humility is an awesome trait to possess.

Because it means you are open to constantly learn.

You’re not seeking perfection.

Perfection is a waste of time compared with being better - it’s a glass ceiling.

It’s right and it’s wrong, there’s no growth.

What could be better than constant expansion of your internal and external universe?

Nothing that I can think of.

Just being willing to look at yourself and see where you can do better takes humility.

That’s why not many people do it.

It’s easier on the ego to look and blame everyone else.

So if you’re willing to look and do something about what you see?

Good on you. Good on you. Go well!



Go gentle on yourself when you’re looking at yourself.

It’s so easy to be pretty harsh and self-critical.

Don’t be harsh:

Just be willing to do your best to do things better next time.