The Absurdity Of Beating A Mind To Train It

I was taking a stroll down by the river with my ladiez … Sun was shining, the river was glistening, birds a chirping.

A perfectly lovely scene.

I turn the corner where upon we witness a man yelling and thrashing his dog to get it to behave.

Curious behaviour I thought.

But behaviour that is common nonetheless - is it not?

When someone (or some dog) doesn’t do what you want them to do, simply yell louder and effect violence.

Not working? Simply shout louder.

You may chuckle, but chances are you do that with yourself.

You get violent and yell and shout at yourself when you do something wrong, when you don't "behave"…

You try and beat your own mind to get it to stop being so reactive or anxious or negative or worried.

And then you wonder why your head never behaves in the way you want it to.

If you think you don’t do this?

Take an honest look at your self-dialogue.

For real - no one would even talk to an animal the way they talk to themselves.

I know this because I’ve tried that route of self-training.

I know that pattern of internal talk,

Of trying to gain mastery of my mind by thrashing and yelling and viciousness.

Didn’t work, at all.

If you’ve ever seen a dog that has been beaten, it doesn’t want to come close to you.

Because it’s worried it’ll get another beating.

Witness a dog that is rewarded for good behaviour though …

It WANTS to do what you want it to.

It wants to return and sit and await orders.

It doesn’t run off at the slightest hint of interest some where else.

You can teach it to do just about anything you want it to.

The answer for you in all of this?

In learning to master your mind and therefore gain mastery over your words and deeds, stop the internal violence.

Mind (and dog) training needs reward not beatings.

It's time to put down the whip.

How do you reward your mind for good behaviour?

Head this way and we'll get you started: Go well, alright!



Another great thing you need in mind training?


Just like training your dog - consistency is everything.

With time and with practice, and reward, you’ll get there.