Time Travelling - Your Super Power

I’ve got ten minutes free from baby duties. Who would have thought that a little being could take up so much time and attention?

Not me, not me at all.

I have no idea what I used to fill my time with - if you’re a parent you know exactly what I mean.

All good though -

Since I have 9 minutes left, I just have to be more efficient.

Flexible helps too, right?

Who knows what’s going to happen!

These are the super powers of a parent - being efficient, flexible, patient.

Oh - and having a good sense of humour.

All absolutely crucial "internal" super power skills - and skills they are.

You CAN develop more of them.

Sometimes I ask people if they could have a super power, what would it be?

A big chunk of people say time travel.

Simply because you only get wise when you experience something.

Wisdom comes from hindsight -

On comes the lightbulb after you've crashed around the room in the dark, smashing a few things ...

You live it THEN you realise.

Occasionally you have to experience something time and time again before the light comes on or your eyes are opened -

(Pick whatever metaphor you like best)

And that’s my hope for my life, that I only have to live through something once to get it …

Rather than having wisdom smack my head against reality a few times before I finally wake up, you know?


Because of this wisdom coming best through experience and hindsight there is the door for sneaky old regret to come in ...

And take over.

Which it does.

A flash of insight, and then -

“I’ve been a fool. I wish I could travel back in time and do that again”.

Trouble is:

You can’t.

The past is done - you can celebrate it, learn from it, apologise for it …

Yet as hard as you try in your own mind, you can never, ever relive and redo it.

That’s where the super power quality of your headspace and mindset comes in.

There's a type of calm, present happiness that means you set yourself free from the things that aren't possible.

You get an appreciation that, actually, time travel only happens in your head - and therefore is a huge waste of time and emotion, right up there with regret.

So you put an end to regret and endless wishing you could do it again -

Instead getting wise and doing something constructive with the time you DO have.

But also it's a two-for-one type deal.

This skill means you get the ability to react unwisely less and less.

You get the space and time to consider what you’d like to say or do BEFORE you snap and say or do something a little less than what would you like.

Wouldn’t that be nice?

Wouldn't that come in handy and make your life so much smoother - and enjoyable?

Why, yes - yes indeed, it would.

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Any questions? Fire away if you do.


Stay here!

As in this precise moment in time.

Don’t go anywhere.

This is the one moment you have to do anything with.

And -

You’ll soon realise that the experience of this moment is so much greater than the thought of another.