Peace Isn’t A Dirty Word

I keep forgetting people gets all confused about peace.I shouldn't, but I do.

They get it all twisted -

So I’m here to add a little clarity for you.

It’s commonly confused that peace means giving up, surrendering, checking out, renouncing the world, giving up your life goals.

Peace is seen as the opposite to productivity and doing and achieving.

It is slacking and under-achieving. Living in a dream world. Tree hugging and a waste of space.

And such and so forth.

Therefore many right thinking people will spit at the word as if it was dirty.

Put like that? Rightly so.

Who would give up all the joys of the world for something as seemingly intangible and un-useful as peace?

Well, them “monks in a cave” are ALL to blame.

There's this idea you have to retire from the world to find lasting peace -

You have to choose ONE:

Do you want peace OR getting what you want from the world?

Which is madness to me, it’s totally wrong.

But it explains everything when you watch people getting so wound up trying to get what they want from life.

The truth is - you NEED peace to achieve your goals.

No matter how many people think and do otherwise:

Stress is not useful to you getting stuff done.

It’s not even a necessary side effect.


A certain level of excitement yes; stress and overwhelm no.

You need give up nothing!

Nothing I tell you. Except for limitation.

Peace isn't giving up your goals.

It’s having the calm, the presence of mind and the focus to get them quickly.

And not giving in to stress and fear and struggle.

It’s the only sane way to live:

A foot in both camps, as it were.

Rock solid calm and contentment with great clarity, motivation and energy.

Anything less is a life half lived.

Interested? Head this way:

Go well,

Arjuna -


What if?

What if you could have it all?

And simply too?

Wouldn’t that be nice?

Wouldn't that be a life worth living?