The Sunny Side Of The Train

I’m writing to you as I sit on the sunny side of the train, heading into Kent. I have a course on over the next few days, but the most crucial - and enjoyable - part of this is the feeling of sun on my face.

Sitting here, doing nothing, nothing to do, just to sit.

Love that.

I look around at my fellow travellers and hope they are enjoying themselves as much as I am.

Enjoying life is so simple; WHEN you know how.

It’s about choice - where you choose to place your attention.

You can stay wrapped up in what's in your head, perhaps go over a problem or what you might have to do later on …

Or you can broaden your horizons, step beyond the mind and really be in this moment - really absorb yourself in it.

If you do this you will find that you miss out on so much of your life by overthinking.

Your life passing by, and all because you're stuck in your head.

Someone once said the whole purpose of life is to be happy, and yet there are so many people looking for happiness by anticipating and solving a problem that isn't here, that may never actually happen.

Get present and you'll find happiness:

Happiness and calm and contentment and fulfilment and aliveness that is uncaused; and just because you showed up to the one place happiness is.

Right here.

Think about it - the greatest moments of your life?

You were totally absorbed in the moment, in what was in front of you.

Stress wasn't managed for you to get to this place, problems weren’t solved -

You dropped everything.

You forgot all about your problems, so immersed were you in the one place where your life is: here and now.

If you want to fill your moments with greatness, you can.

It is indeed possible to live this way, permanently.

Get present, get alive to now - that is the answer. It is the journey and it is the destination.

Do it and you will see so clearly the only time you have a problem is when you leave this moment and start thinking.

Problems are always past and future. Now contains no struggle; not if you fully give yourself to it.

So finding full effectiveness and enjoyment in life - whatever your life may contain - is all about now.

And now.

And now.

Practice that.

I'd learn the Ishayas' Ascension. Honestly - It makes the return so simple. And it's incredibly powerful in that it removes your habits that distract you from now quickly and effortlessly.

Here's how to find out more: Go well!



All of life begins within you.

Everything you are looking for starts right here -

Tap into that and everything gets easier.

And way more fun.