Screaming Babies Incoming At 3 O’clock

Having a three week old baby has shown me something, very very useful. She’s the perfect thing to develop more mastery of my own mind and reactions -

Getting super good at how to choose my response to challenge, and all with a smile - even at 3am.

Let me tell you:

Challenge is part of life.

How YOU deal with it is everything to your results and how much fun you have.

People talk about how sweet and innocent the little baby is,

And she is pretty darn cute, most of the time (she came from after all - natch!)

But she’s also got a will of iron.

She wants something?

She’ll be very loud until she gets it.

(Unfortunately the diagnostic panel isn’t working so it can take some time to work out what that is)

There is no end of possible challenge here.

Avoidance isn't an option in life. You can’t run - you can’t hide.

I can’t ditch this baby.

I can’t run to a cave.

Well, I could, but the truth is no matter where you go you’ll find something you disagree with.

A dank cave with nothing but leaves and roots to chew on?

That’ll get old quick.

The best way, the most productive way, is to learn how to deal with stuff you don’t like.

And this is where you have an advantage -

If you’re reading this, you’re interested in doing things better.

Better is good.

You see - you can blame and point the finger all you like …

“It’s the baby’s fault I’m stressed!”

“It’s the world’s fault I’m stressed!”

Or you can look at yourself and see what you can do differently.

A big difference.

One is weak. One will keep you in a cycle of complaining and blaming and doing nothing but getting stressed.

The other is strong.

You’re looking at yourself and seeing how you can free yourself from the chains of reaction.

You know there is the event: “Baby crying at 3am!”

And there is your reaction to the event: “mrgggghhh - wtf?!”

The event you have little control over -

The reaction?

All the control in the world.

One you can change, one you can’t.

If you’re smart, and you are - you’ll work on the things you can change.

You’ll realise that getting stressed and overwhelmed is not a good option.

But mastery of yourself?

An excellent one.

It can be done - it takes patience and consistency.

And it takes humility - a willingness to look at yourself.

Not many people have that ^^^

It also takes a tool that means you can ignore certain thoughts and reactions,

And choose to focus on thoughts that you do want to grow.

Head here to get such a “tool”: Go well!



Baby is an amazing teacher of choosing to be flexible.


I have a plan, she fills her nappy.

Hah - dirty nappies come first, no matter what I want to do.