Poo Everywhere!

There I was - sleeping in. Bank Holiday Monday.

Bubba was quiet last night so I took the “not often have chance" to start my new book,

And it was amazing, so I kept reading and reading.

Love that:

Reading late, chatting with Sumati, kicking back and just doing NOTHING -

All because today’s agenda (was) a long big fat nothingness.

That was the plan at least …

Until bubba’s nappy exploded at 6am.

She was in bed with us …

Sumati shrieks as yellow poo somehow escapes the nappy and jets everywhere,

All over the sheets, all over Sumati,

(At least I stayed untainted)

Ahhhh …

There goes my sleep in, up in smoke.

What happened to my life?

I used to have one.

Now it’s nothing but constant nappy-ness.

Can’t remember when I was last in a kayak, on the river.

Sigh …

Guess I should have read the small print, huh?

(I’m being dramatic … I do love this, even though it keeps me on my toes)

This ever happen to you?

Not the poo, but the much looked forward to plan vanishing before your eyes?

I bet.

A fact of life, huh?

Perhaps if I never planned and looked forward to anything I would never be disappointed when it doesn’t come through?

Nah - that’s not the way.

That would be BORING!

Being flexible is the way,

And being rigid is what leads to stress.

It’s holding tight that hurts.

You ever heard of that Buddhist idea of “non-attachment”?

—-> Has very little to do with having no possessions,

And everything to do with not holding tight to life.

The way forward to end stress and flow like a calm, silent happy ninja through the night?

Make plans, have ideas, possess things -

Just don’t let them possess you.

ALL of life gets better then you do.

You actually enjoy stuff WAY more, WAY more.



Go well, and flow like water …

(that’s my Bruce Lee impression)




It’s always the next question.

“But HOW do I actually do that Arjuna?”

Well it all begins with getting a relationship with presence and being, now.

It's actually super simple when you know how.

Takes some practice, but doesn't anything?

I’m doing an online training for specifically for busy mums on HOW too -

Join me, Thursday 4 May 8pm GMT