How Much For Dirty Jeans?!

You know when you buy clothes on eBay - (I don't but Sumati does)

And they arrive in the post, unwashed and smelly …

It’s all a bit “yuck” … ?

Well this takes the cake:

Just popped up on my newsfeed:

A pair of jeans that you can buy right now …

That are completely covered in mud -

Absolutely covered …

As if you got a farm labourer to wear them for a week of digging out the muck heap.

They are seriously dirty.

The best thing though?

If you DID actually want a pair of these designer filthy jeans?

They will cost you £331.

Apparently you can buy authentically “pre-stained” underwear to go with them as well …

(My joke - excuse me but lack of sleep is causing a little chaos)

A couple of things here:

In the fashion world, much like the sporting world, or politics … (or every social circle come to think of it) -

You can find people with ZERO lack of confidence and NADA self-doubt.

Just gonads -

You wouldn’t be second guessing yourself trying to sell dirty jeans at that price would you?

And then -

Fashion itself.

Trends …

Not only wear this, but do this, eat this, THINK this …

Why do some people not look beneath the surface?

There’s so many ideas of the right way to do something,

Just because this book or that celebrity guru or your neighbour said so -

But it doesn’t make it correct for you.

Sumati hates reading bubba raising advice.

There’s SO much of it -

And when she’s exhausted it ALL makes her feel like she’s doing it wrong.

That’s why we both got into this game.

This inner game -

Of learning to ignore doubt and worry and “I’m no good thoughts”

And of coming to see what is right for us, as individuals, as a couple.

This I know this for certain -

When you have your own head well trained,

It makes all of life so much easier.

And fun.

Life has to be fun.

If you’d like to know how,

And you’re a busy mum -

Then come along on tomorrow (Thursday 4 May) at 8pm

I’ll tell you how:

See you there! Arjuna