Protect What Is Most Valuable To You

What is the most crucial and valuable thing you possess?

Is it your car? Your house? Your TV?

Perhaps if you’re thinking deeper you might go for your financial security? Your family? Your partner?

How about your health? Your reputation?

Have a ponder - because when you get to the end of your life you want to make sure you made it a priority.

And if you don’t know,

You won’t have kept it important,

And you won’t have filled your life with it.

Here’s what I say is THE most important thing to you,

The most precious and crucial and valuable thing that you possess:

Your peace.

Your levels of calm, of focus, of clarity, of perspective, of happiness and fulfilment.


Because that is your core, your foundation, your stability, your anchor.

When life gets busy, when you’re faced with challenges, when you’re chasing goals and dreams -

The one thing that will keep you on an even keel -

That will stop you losing your mind -

Blowing up with stress and overwhelm and “I can’t do this” negativity -

Maintaining a clear perspective and a positive attitude -

Being filled with calm and contentment, no matter how things appear to be unfolding,

Able to act freely and not react wildly and blindly -

Is your peace.

Thing is you don’t know how crucial it is. You don’t really appreciate how valuable it is.

You always delay it.

Putting it last.

Seeking it after the current situation has blown over.

And so you never get off the rollercoaster of life.

Swinging wildly, like, as they say down under - a dunny door in a storm

(outside toilet for those not understanding the parlance).

Get peace first, prioritise it.

Protect it -

It is the most valuable thing you possess.

Everything good and creative comes from it.

All of life gets easier and more effective and definitely more enjoyable when you do.

I actually got so excited about this, I made a little Facebook live video you might like:

Simple as, so simple it’s not funny.

Go well!



To prioritise your peace and protect it, even in those seriously challenging moments, head this way:


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