Apple’s Chief Designer Is Stupid

He said so himself - Sir Jonathan Ive - The guy that was responsible for designing all that slick Apple stuff said he thought he was stupid.

Watching an interview with him - he said his stupidity was the turning point in his career, and Apple’s development.

You see - when he tried to use old computers and technology back in the day, they never worked how he thought they should.

They didn’t make sense - they didn’t have a simple flow to them, they weren’t intuitive or enjoyable to use …

BUT he just assumed he was too stupid to use them.

“Bing” went the lightbulb.

In his moment of illumination Sir Jon realised it was the same with everyone who tried to use one of these computers - “I’m too stupid to get it”

And yet:

He also realised it wasn’t the users but the design.

The designers did not “get” the humans that were to use this tech, therefore missing a critical piece of the puzzle.

Sir Jon cracks on to a basic design principle (“who is going to use it and how do they want to use it?”) and Apple becomes known for its easy to use, intuitive, real people friendly gadgets -

That today means tons of people use them, and whats more: love to use them.

Now - segue to meditation and mindfulness practices.

Some of the books I’ve read and people I’ve heard talking about meditation are so complicated I just used to assume they were spouting some arcane and detailed wisdom,

And I was just too stupid to understand such information.

Turns out - like with Sir Jon - making it complicated is just another word for not really understanding your subject.

The truth is that gaining mastery of your mind and your habitual patterns is really simple, it is.

It needs to be because the truth of who you are is not very far away.

Remember how you are in your great moments?

You just need a method to remind you how to be that, now.

That’s it.

You need gain nothing.


You need give up nothing, learn no complicated knowledge,

Because it’s all about the experience, nothing else matters.

It doesn’t need to take very much time either,

And layers of complication and mysticism just serves to obscure you actually remembering.

So if you come across something you don’t understand, that seems so complicated in this field of meditation and mindfulness?

You’re not stupid.

It’s likely the person spouting such stuff doesn’t really know what they’re talking about.

They’re the ones that don’t understand.


A method or a tool to remember that state of being when you are the best version of yourself needs to be simple,

Because that return to your Self is simple.

It’s so close, closer than your heart beat even.

And it can be so enjoyable to return and remember: Go well!



This is the ONLY time I’m going to say it’s them and not you, alright?

If you don’t understand, GRILL them until you get an answer you do understand.

Simple, simple, simple. Keep it simple.