Rambo paints to be happy

OK - famous people …

Easy life, right?

Everything on a plate.

No struggle, no stress …

Need something? Just buy it.

All good …

Except when you’re chasing the wrong carrot -

Like 99.9% of the rest of the world.

What am I talking about?

Well - let's take a step sideways for a moment.

You see Sly Stallone is apparently a well sort after painter.

His paintings are actually well regarded - and not just because they have his name attached.

Now, how on earth did Rambo get into painting?

It ties in nicely for you and your life, here:

I remember reading Sylvester Stallone saying that he thought fame would solve his problems,

They solved some, but brought a whole host of different ones.

And never gave him what he REALLY wanted,

Which was freedom and happiness.

Sly found that not in fame or fortune, but through simply painting.

He found the zone, and being present -

And therefore freedom from his mind, and resulted in large amounts of happiness

All through being in the here and now.

Getting clear on what carrot you’re chasing after is super important.

If you chase the wrong one you can end up travelling very far and getting very frustrated as to why life isn’t giving you what you want.

I was the same.

I thought having my “achieve” list ticked would equal contentment and happiness.

I had my life as I wanted it, exactly …

House, money, friends, perfect job with plenty of time off, perfect location for kayaking and climbing and snowboarding,

All good, EXCEPT -

It didn’t equal satisfaction.

Which resulted in torture for me.

Confusion, hollowness, depression, “what am I doing wrong?”, “what’s the point anyway?” all going through my head at 3am in the morning.

Poor me, you may say.

A first world problem you may say.

You had everything, and you’re whining you may say.

Well I say: you know nothing Jon Snow …

And if you don't follow this advice, you’ll end up in the same place as Sly and me.

(we often hang out)


You have to work out what is MOST important to you,

And then prioritise that in each and every moment.

If you don’t?

You’ll get to the end of your life and realise you wasted it,

Chasing the wrong thing,

Living a hollow life.

I”m not saying chasing money or fame or a family or your soul mate or any of that “external” stuff is irrelevant and unimportant,

I’m saying realise what will TRULY satisfy you and make that your foundation.

Then everything you throw on top - the money, the fame, the relationship, the kids -

Will be way more fun.

Sorting out the right carrot is the FIRST thing you should do.

And if you'd like to know more on that,

Download this free guide to getting this as well as more calm, less frazzle and stress:


Go well



You know why having the right foundation works so beautifully?

Because then everything else isn’t a NEED -

You don’t need it to be happy and fulfilled,

But you WANT it -

A whole world of difference when it comes to stress and enjoyment in getting the thing you want.