Good news, bad news, who knows?

Have you ever had a bit of bad news,

And then it turns out to be good news actually, in the long run?

I know I have, looking back it especially comes apparent - when you're clear of it.

Amazing isn’t it?

The ol’ silver lining comes through -

So often we think we know what we want,

Until we get it.

And all the struggling and kicking and fighting all the way …

For what?

Even some of the most miserable times of my life -

I wouldn’t change them.

Simply because they gave me the motivation to find a way out,

To never go back,

To make sure my life had the internal stability,

The freedom from the external events,

So I could enjoy each and everything,

Each and every moment.

And not get stressed and anxious and depressed about anything:

To live life well -

No longer caught up in the whirlwind.

Independent of the rollercoaster,

And the hamster wheel.

To find that sense of satisfaction, joy and profundity that makes life so worth living.

That’s an internal thing -

A mindset, an attitude thing.

It’s knowing who you really are,

Beyond your age, gender, job, family, beliefs, hobbies, thoughts -

It’s being settled and anchored and able to freely choose.

The easiest, most rewarding and simple way to get that?

Without fuss, without effort?

The Bright Path Ishayas’ Ascension.

Honestly, hand on heart - that's why I'm here,

To tell you that you can have freedom from stress and struggle and being frantic -

A very simple set of tools that let you choose your destiny.

That allow you to remain half a step back from any news that seems “bad” …

Keeping it all in perspective and staying calm and content.

If you’d like that?

Here's a free download that'll give you 108 ways of having that:

Go well!



Good news, bad news, who knows?

Can you see the future, how it will turn out?

Then it’s all assumption and appearance.

and that’s not real.

Find out what’s real - within you,

And live from that place: