You Already On Monday?

What day is it today?

Everyone knows it’s Sunday -

But you may well be on Monday in your head.

It’s what I used to do.

Couldn’t wait for the weekend,

So I could do all the fun stuff I had planned.

Then I actually spent a big chunk of Sunday thinking about all the things Monday would bring.

Wasted my own weekend by being at work in my head.

Future surfing - Don’t do it.

It'll get here soon enough!

Overwhelmed and feeling like there’s too much to do and there’s no time for you?

You have to get out of your own head.

Full enjoyment begins in being completely present.

Stay in the same place as your body.

Otherwise you just miss out on life.


Go well out there, ok?



Want some ideas on how to get out of your head, be more mindful and present?