Some mental fortitude with your coffee?

fortitudeI’m in Nice, France of all places. My wife’s brother lives here so we’re paying him a little visit. It’s a world apart from the mean streets of the Yorkshire Dales where I live. But I’ll cope.

Just sitting in the sun waiting for the coffee to be ready.

Nice way to start a morning, huh? Being self-employed does have its bonuses.

I went for a run up a hill (gotta find something physical to do otherwise I go a little crazy), now is the time to drink coffee and help people via email.

You know, I’m a “meditation teacher”. That’s probably what I would call myself if someone asked.

But meditation has so many weird connotations sometimes, I need a new term.

Too much incense and candles and dolphin music and what-not isn’t for me - or you, I believe.

Hence that’s why I’m playing around with calling this stuff “mental fitness” or “mental fortitude”.

I like the word “fortitude”.

It has an old school all moustache and pipe, climb Everest in tweed and hemp and sheer strength of character type feel to it.

You know?

I love finding a way to connect the dots …

To make meditation an interesting idea for - again lacking the language - “real men”, guys who want the most out of their life without having to be involved in too much silliness.

Men who just want some down to earth, super practical, no belief required, just “do this, get these results” type techniques.

So you can take them into the outdoors and have more adventure and more fun than ever before.

So you can make the most of all of your life - family, work, the whole thing.

Just so you know -

I’m not sexist or anything. I’m so happy for real women to come along too, but the initial trial I’m running will be guys only, just to get the ball rolling in that direction.

I know a few of you may well be sceptical, and that’s one of the reasons I’m doing this trial.

At completion I’m going to have a bunch of guys who are stoked with their results.

And super happy they made the jump and applied to do it in the first place.

I’ll get some fine testimonials so I can prove beyond a doubt that this programme works no matter if you believe it will or not.

You just have to do it. You just have to practice: Simple.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained, after all - right?

Here’s the link so you can get on the email list to find out more: Have a great day now.

Need anything? Just hit reply.



There are only 8 places.

I may extend it to 10, if there is demand.

But 10 is the maximum.

I want to give the guinea pigs in the trial my full attention, and limiting numbers is one way I can do that easily.

To make sure you’re getting it, and keeping it super simple - not complicating things. Because thats not necessary at all.

Simple is better.

Get more  info here: