Soldiers Riding Dolphins!

dolphinSo the wife and I are on holiday - wandering around Nice, France - and we came across an old mosaic - two dolphins with soldiers on their backs. If that's not badass I don't know what is.

Riding your personal dolphin into battle would be quite something. And I know I'd run a mile if I saw a fleet of angry sea mammals headed my way.

Anyhow … this may tie in, or not, we'll see how I go ... All I know about life, and living it well (as opposed to merely surviving and getting by) is all based on your perspective.

In other words, your mindset or your attitude.

That right there changes everything.

It’s the difference between whether you love life, or whether its a bit of a drag, or downright misery.

It’s the difference between being getting sucked into drama and stress, and being able to shrug it off and do the best with what you have.

Because you can’t always change the situations you’re faced with.

But you can change your attitude to them.

And stress and drama and misery and all that stuff isn’t so much caused by what happens.

It’s caused by how you deal with it.

How you respond, how you react - that is the one thing you have control over.

It may take some practice, but you do.

It's the one thing everyone forgets.

So walk through through today with your eyes wide open to your reactions and responses to life.

Notice how you respond.

The quicker you notice, the quicker you can choose to have a different response.

You see, the longer a particular response goes on - say anger or worry - the more momentum it builds up.

Like a stampeding pod of dolphins it becomes harder to turn it around.

And then you do or say stuff you regret later on. It definitely not much fun.

You can turn it around - but it’s easier to nip it in the bud earlier on.

So for today - be super aware, and notice where you can make a different choice.

And make it.

One of the benefits of this Mountain Mindset programme that I need volunteers to help test is that your automatic response starts being one of positivity not negativity.

You start being more “teflon” to events that would usually cause foaming at the mouth.

It just slips by you - you just don't automatically react anymore.

This programme means you have real choice in how you want to act and be and live.

Which, I don’t know about you, but for me is worth its weight in gold.

It’s the freedom to choose how you live. It's the freedom to be independent of the random events (and people) of life.

So if you’d like some of that, then get on the email list to find out more: Have a great day. Keep an eye on the horizon for them dolphins. Arjuna

PS. This stuff isn’t for everyone. Some are more than happy to stay where they are.

And I get that.

It’s easier to blame other people and what’s going on in your life for how you feel and what you do.

It takes a certain responsibility - and a certain boldness - to take the steering wheel of your own life and declare this is up to me!

(But at the end of the day - the only way to live).

If that’s you?

Go here, and live well: