Stop what you're doing

A question from a reader:

“I don’t seem to be making any progress with meditation …”

There’s more to it than that, but I can stop you right there.

Meditation/mindfulness and progress don’t go together.

It’s not about achieving anything.

But no wonder you get confused.

Since you were little you were told to go and do and get -

And good stuff that is too.

Life is about doing and getting.

Meditation/mindfulness - whether eyes open or closed - however, is the opposite.

It’s about doing absolutely nothing.

Stop - do nothing - achieve nothing - strive for nothing.

That is all ^^^

Just for a moment, or several moments.

Rest, be secure in this moment.

End your anxiety, your panic, your overwhelm, your mad dash to get somewhere.

Just be here.

Find sanity in the middle of getting and going - then you’ll really start to fly with the minimum of effort and the maximum of fun.

Stopping allows you to do more with less angst.


Let now be enough.

Job done.

Go well!



Of course a tool is a very handy thing -

When you’ve spent your whole life going,

A tool to help you to stop is extremely useful.

If you'd like to know more about simple simple tools you can use,

Head this way for my free guide to 108 ways of being more present and mindful: