Take a deep breath - when you get excited

Take a deep breath… It is the simplest of things, and yet chances are you don’t notice it - until it’s gone.

You never know how much you appreciate a deep breath until you aren’t able to have one for a while.

Largely un-noticed, your breath comes in and out, all day long. Never stopping, always there, keeping you alive.

But it can be a great tool as well.

If you ever like to put yourself into times and places where there is a possibility for extreme excitement and the beginnings of anxiety,

or perhaps you are a little prone to panic attacks,

having a solid practice of deep breathing behind you can be a real anchor - to keep you present, to keep you in a steady state.

Public performers like musicians and actors or sports people know that shift from practice to game on…

You’re doing the same thing, but now everyone is watching, now it really matters.

You want to do it, you want to do a good job, and your body knows it.

So you do your best to stay present, stay out of the future in terms of not dwelling on the outcome, simply involving yourself in what you can do right now that will take you where you want to end up.

But still your heart is banging in your chest.

Deep breathing can really help - as does the Ascension techniques used eyes open - as long as you are aware it might not help the physical, the hand tremors, the heart rate, the yawning.

Don’t fight those - expect them, and make sure the inner experience is as steady as it can be.

Breathing does help you stay anchored to the present, to this moment, to not allow the excitement become over the top anxiety.

It keeps the emotion at a steady, manageable point.

And then you can fall back on what you have practiced, you can allow your body to take over.

That is the other key - you need to practice in times of excitement/anxiety.

There is no point in only practicing when it doesn’t matter. To really master anxiety in that you can feel it and perform exceptionally despite it, you just need to do it.

To step into those times, prepared as well as you can, and then just let it happen.

Expect the terror and do it anyway. Again and again and again. You’ll get better.

The reason you are excited is because it matters to you.

If it didn’t matter you probably wouldn’t be doing it - or it wouldn’t be a stretch for you.

You can stay in your safe zone all of your life, or you can step outside to where the magic is.

Make sure you have the tools so you can, simply.

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