Taking time out means you can move forward

I’m going to Spain tomorrow to spend the (English) summer at a meditation retreat.

Three months in the mountains with people from all around the world. They’re coming from as far as Mexico, New Zealand, Argentina and Taiwan.

The weather is sweet, the food is tasty, and the vibe is very relaxed yet excited. There are some grand discoveries happening, and a lot of joy. If you're at all interested, or just want to have a snoop at the retreat, here's the page: www.thebrightpath.com/spain-mastery-retreats

I’m not telling you this to show off. Well, ok, a little bit, but more to tell you about the value of retreating.

In this busy world we think more is better. Go further, faster, stronger. The thing is that it doesn’t seem this way, but sometimes to retreat is to advance.

To take time out, to take stock, to come out of the details. Actually, just to let go of the stuff for a little while.

You need to retreat every day. You can create a little sanctuary - and you need to create a little sanctuary - just by finding a quiet place, even the toilet, to sit and take time out. To do nothing.

It doesn’t need to be long - ten minutes is a great start - just close your eyes and see what you notice. You aren’t “doing” anything, just noticing, without judgement, everything.

Try your breath. Or sounds. Or your body. Or count your thoughts. Or you can think a phrase that means something to you and watch it dissolve and vanish.

Whatever you do - take time out. It’ll make a huge difference in the enjoyment and effectiveness of your day.