What to do when you don't like a situation

In any situation you don’t like you have three options: You can change it. If you can’t change it, you can leave it. If you can’t leave, or - very importantly - if you choose not to leave, then you must accept the situation, as it is, completely and utterly.

Most of humanity goes for option #4: Complain about it.

Complaining doesn’t do much. Perhaps as a very short term ‘get rid of steam’ strategy it is okay, but continued complaining just leads to blaming and resentment, more stress and no peace.

See when you choose to complain. Make another choice - it’s all you rationally can do.

But when you accept you also get to see the situation clearly. You get to work with what you have, rather than wasting your time wishing you had something else.

Making the best of what you have - and all the creativity that goes with it - only can begin in complete acceptance.

Acceptance also means you get to see clearly if you can change something about the situation. So often we don't think we can do anything because "that's the way its always been done" or simply because change sometimes takes courage to say "no".

It really is the path of heroes. Accept everything, resist nothing.