The Force - it is within you.

I went to see the Martian last night, which I enjoyed so much. I know I’m a bit slow and behind the times, but I got there. I like Matt Damon a lot, my fiancé (rhymes with Beyonce) is a little jealous. She has no reason to be, I mean he lives in California or somewhere so there’s no chance of us meeting.

But the best thing was seeing the new Star Wars trailer on the big screen.

I have always loved all those films. The biggest thing being the Force, the idea of this unseen power that can allow anyone to do incredible feats.

There is a line in there, where the voice over goes - “the Force, it’s within you”, and I got all goose bumpy.

You see, its not fiction.

There is nothing that anyone can give you that is worth as much as that which is already inside you.

Within you is an absolute presence - still and complete.

If you carefully and completely pay attention to the essence of this moment, if you open up your senses to now, you will find an expanded sense of your own awareness.

There is nothing missing, it stretches forever, there are no boundaries, it is a moment of perfection that can only be experienced now. It needs nothing but gives you everything.

There is no struggle, no suffering, only perfect contentment and awareness.

When you are full of this presence, no thought, no emotion, no habit has any power over you. You are fresh, complete, alive.

I, or anyone else, can remind you of this presence, I can teach you tools so you can remind yourself of it, but no one can give it to you - because it is already you.

The magic pill would be nice to give out, but unfortunately it's the one thing that you need to do by yourself.

You are the one that needs to choose for it.

Explore within, explore your awareness, find and live from that presence. It is the greatest thing you possess. It is the only thing you truly possess, it is truly who you are.

Live that and be completely and effortlessly alive.

It is so simple and so natural to do, you just need to do it.