Cause for regret? or cause for hope?

We’ve all had things that we have done, or have had done to us, that cause regret, anger, dismay. But have you ever considered that your past - all of it - has brought you right here, to this moment, to being the person who is looking through your eyes at these words?

Without your past you wouldn’t be here, right now.

It can be a cause for hope. From your past understanding you can create a different future.

Knowing what you know, given that you can choose to see the glass as half full or half empty, where do you want to go now? How do you want to play this?

It’s never too late. You can create a different future for yourself and everyone else anytime you wish.

My Ascension meditation teacher - a very wise man - once told me that the reason I experienced everything in the past was so I could help others from experience.

When someone sits with me and shares a story about their past that relates to mine, it’s simple. I know because I have lived through it too. If I hadn’t lived through it, how could I hope to relate?

Sometimes the silver lining is in the understanding.

Because of your past you understand to a deeper level. Because of the understanding, you can truly help another. Theory is nothing, experience is everything.

If you regret anything at all, it’s simply because you are now different. You wouldn’t regret it if you hadn't changed.

You can regret the time spent stumbling in the dark, or you can embrace the fact that right now, the light is on.

If you are still doing the same things that cause you regret, when are you going to get help to make sure you change? Doing the same things and expecting a different result is lunacy.

Now, you can make any decision, any choice you wish. You may have habits and addictions to the contrary, but why not start by making the choice to do and see life differently?

The more you make a different choice, the more that choice will become habit. A habit is a word that means natural - easy in other words.

You only stand to lose regret, anger and dismay yet you stand to gain everything - hope, joy, contentment, presence, expansion, Life.

Each and every moment can be filled with contentment, clarity and calm. Every moment. Why not start now?