What They Don't Want You To Know

I found out something huge today - Something not of great importance in terms of world peace but of great “hmmmmm…” none the less.

Did you know you can replace your iPhone battery?

Isn’t that awesome?

I thought you had to throw those things away when the battery stopped working so well.

Granted, being Apple it’ll cost, but not as much as a replacement. And it’s a little bit greener.

Why didn’t anyone tell me sooner?

Perhaps because they want me to buy a new phone. Well, I'm onto them.

But the first question I asked was -

What else don’t I know?

That’s a can of worms isn’t it?

Some things I don’t know are merely on a interest level.

For example, it was only recently that I discovered that giraffes fight by throwing their necks at each other.

It looks brutal - huge giraffe necks whipping against each other. Youtube it!

Other things that I don’t know can make a real difference.

This game of life - for me - is about self-discovery.

Gaining greater awareness of yourself.

You see, in awareness you have choice.

If you don’t know, you can’t do anything about it.

If you do know, you can start to consciously shape the way you think, the way you feel, what you do, what you say -

And all of that changes what you get -

In your career or business, with your partner, your kids, your health, your sport.

When I first got into this kind of thing it was a bit shocking.

Because the more I looked, the more I saw stuff I was a bit ashamed of.

All those habits and patterns and stuff meant sometimes I behaved in ways I didn’t like, at all.

I saw I had two choices:

I could turn back, and forget that I could actually be quite ignorant.

Or, I could keep going and make some real change in me so I could actually be the person I wanted to be.

So I could have the life I wanted to have, with the impact I wanted to make.

Meditation will give you that awareness so you can have step into that potential ^^^

Meditation techniques like the Ishayas’ Ascension will actually rewire your brain so it’s harder to slip unconsciously into reaction and stress and limitation.

But no matter what you do, you still have the power of choice.

You still have to make the choice to perceive something different, to be more patient, more compassionate -

You still have to realise when you’re focussing on the negative, when you’re letting yourself get wound up, when you let your mind run away from you.

Awareness is a wonderful first step, but then what?


Choice is key.

If you want to do this, you can.

Just keep making the choice.

A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. And then another one …

Go well!



Join me, if you’d like, and we’ll get you what you need to make greater and greater conscious choices, and be the best version of you.

It’ll be fun, straight forward so you can do it on your less best day, and totally rewarding.

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