Ordinary Heroes

Spent last week on a course with a bunch of awesome people.

Only on the night before we finished do I find out that:

One has an MBE

One was in the French Foreign Legion

One played rugby at a national finals at Twickenham, the home of English rugby

One had foiled a master (and rather nasty) criminal

One is a single mum with 5(!) kids and holds down a full time job to support them all

(she wants more but can’t find a car big enough to carry them all - haha!)

One was blown up and had to have his nose sown back on

One at 40 has just found out they have Parkinson’s

Wow, huh?

All had incredible stories that made us laugh and gasp and wonder …

And “nothing special” they all said.

Just a room full of ordinary people - shrugging their shoulders and living their lives.

The ups and the downs,

The wows and the whys.

Dealing with life and all it throws at them as best they can.

Heading towards what they want as best they can.

And that is the fact of life.

It’s full of ordinary heroes.

Nothing special - but really - actually - it is a bit special isn’t it?

We are a talented bunch, but we just don’t realise it.

Now - All of these awesome people were in that room because they wanted a way of getting on top of their minds.

So they can live a life of quality.

Because they all have realised that the single biggest handbrake in their life exists between their own ears.

Thoughts, reactions, attitudes, expectations, plans …

All of that stuff that goes on in your mind.

So no matter what your life has been like.

What HAS happened to you,

What IS happening to you,

You can learn to have a choice.

A choice in whether you struggle and fight and let yourself be swayed by bad habits,

Or are calm, centred, content and full of enjoyment.

And what a difference that choice makes in living a productive and profound life.


So if you'd like more?

If you’d like a way of dealing with life’s curve balls with more style?

If you’d like a platform of being the best version of you, always?

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Go well!