The Question That Ends Stress and Misery

I was tapping into some of my sources of inspiration and “remindering” today -

And besides getting a touch sidetracked -

By footage of Michael Phelps the legend Olympic swimmer racing a shark

(That’s certainly a novelty event, is it not?)

I found a great question that I want to ask you, in a minute.

But first:


It’s not actually a word, no ...

As you may have guessed because likelihood is if you're reading this, you're pretty darn smart,

But it IS the art of putting yourself in the way of remembering what is important.

Part of making sure you keep peace, happiness and contentment as a priority in your day,

Is simply staying reminded.

That “oh yes - that IS important to me”

“The reason I work so hard is basically so I can be happy.”

“Let’s see if I can choose to be happy first and then I won’t NEED to work so hard … but may well WANT to”

“But I definitely won’t get so stressed trying to secure happiness only by getting something”

You see how it goes?

We live our lives in such a blur of activity, we lose track of life as it is, right now.

Our minds whisk us away to uncertain futures,

To happiness being caused and not chosen for, independent of external circumstances.

And those things cause us stress.

SO - in my remindering this morning,

I found a wonderful question you can ask yourself when you’re in the middle of that,

If you can get presence of mind enough to ask yourself it.

Especially before it all gets too blown up.

If you’re lucky, and you have someone who can ask you it when they notice you’re slipping into stress?

All the better.

It’s from a guy called Dax Moy who I’ve just found and seems to be very good if you’re a coach/teacher/mentor/parent of any sort.

He says why not ask yourself when you’re getting stressed,

Or know you’re headed to a challenging time:


“How can I enjoy this more?”


How wonderful …

Puts things into perspective, no?

It makes the baseline of this moment more joy.

And that is always a good thing, even in serious moments.

Dax talked about his family using it even at his relative’s funeral.

“How can we enjoy this more?”

A conscious and aware creation of each and every moment of your life, all wrapped up around more joy.

So - give it a go,

And go well!



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