What’s my name again?

My Dad is a wonderful bloke,

I mean, he made me didn’t he?

heh heh

But for a while now he’s been over the top worried about losing his memory.

I laugh (a little, on the inside)

Because one of the things that happens when you detach from worry about the future and regret for the past …

When you get more and more present -

Any other moment becomes further and further away in terms of “reality”.

It seems like ancient history.

Which means sometimes I can hardly recall what I ate for breakfast this morning.

It’s all a bit funny - (and don’t worry, in many ways you have a BETTER memory simply cos there’s not so much stuff fighting for attention in your head)

But he was worried, getting more and more anxious when he can’t remember stuff …

Then I catch up with his sister, my aunty …

And she’s the same.

My cousin explained it all -

The reason for the almost paranoia is that there's a family history of dementia,

And my dad and aunt are looking for signs of it in their own heads,

So no wonder they’re going a little demented just with anxiety.

You know what I mean?

Anxiety - doesn’t help no one.

Least of all the things you want to avoid.

The anxiety about a thing possibly happening is far worse than the actual thing.

You know?

You spend your whole time in your head,

Thinking and planning and counter planning, predicting and counter predicting,

About something that MAY NOT even happen,

All the time unable to enjoy what’s going on right in front of you.

And here’s what I’ve realised:

Very little of what I’ve been worried about in the past has actually happened.


If it did happen, it was never as bad as my mind made it out to be.

There’s a fine line between doing what you can actually do right now,

And letting all the rest go.

Something like dementia?

What can you do?

I’m no expert, but stay active, eat your fish oil, challenge your brain, don’t eat out of aluminium …

Meditate for sure (Bright Path Ishayas’ Ascension is my practice)

The rest?

You gotta just stop thinking so much - let it go and enjoy what you do have.


Go well



My suggestion for the greatest thing to do to create the habit of being calm,

Of not being anxious and worried,

Of letting go the stuff you have no control over?

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