The Rise Of The DIY King

Like any good husband there are times when you’re expected to step into the unknown. That noise in the kitchen late at night.

Asking for that refund on something you know was bought at least 12 months ago.

Wheeling the bins out in the rain.

And babies. Children in general. Where did I put that manual??

Another huge area of the unknown (for me at least) is DIY.

Now if you have met me, you will laugh, as it is very apparent that my DIY skills are non-existent.

As a man, and compared to MacGyver who turns out is actually my father in law, I am a DIY joke.

You just wouldn’t want to give me a hammer and a nail, for example.

Unless you wanted quite some time to amuse yourself watching me hit everything except the nail.

So it was with some trepidation I was asked to step into “a few days” of DIY in the form of painting a room.

I’ve discovered after three days that painting isn’t as much about painting as it is about “preparation”.

This is the liberal application of sandpaper to fingers and other sensitive skin in an attempt to remove paint that wasn’t prepared properly by the last DIY goof.

Given the house I’m living in is 300 years old it looks like there’s quite a few layers of DIY dodgy-ness, which is somewhat reassuring to my ego.

But I have learned! Oh, I have learned well.

Father in law, as expert, has shown me the right way of doing it.

And practice of these right things is setting me up on the road to perfection.

I am experiencing improvement, which is what all humans love.

I’m not quite the DIY King yet - claiming the painting portion of that title will take at least a few more days, but I am enjoying getting better.

Now say you want to get better at something - perchance being more at peace.

Calm when chaos is breaking out around you.

Ignoring “those” thoughts and focussing on something beneficial to your person.

Being more happy and content, for absolutely no reason.

Realising that although you have thoughts, you are not them.

All of these things come from practice.

Mastery isn’t achieved in a single bound.

Usually it takes many many hops and skips and sometimes shuffles to climb any mountain.

Practice, practice, practice. Practice the right things.

Practicing being more present and positive is a great start.

Practicing the Ishayas' Ascension meditation is huge.

Nothing happens without practice.

And make sure you know where you have come from - that will help enormously because then you can measure improvement.

Everyone loves improving.

Awesome. Gotta get back to it.

Need anything? DIY tips? Let me know, I’d love to chat. Arjuna


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