Busy? This Is The Time Of The Year For It

Busy? Three business projects to finish before it gets really busy and you head on holiday?

Social occasions coming out of your ears?

Like, you have to cancel not one but TWO social engagements because of another? (that never happens to me, except this weekend - ha!)

Building a house and you’ve just realised the lino isn’t quite right so you have to reorder, and soon?

Painting a room in another house too because, you know, why not throw something else in the mix?

It’s raining and you’d love to skip down to the river for a cheeky wee paddle before it gets dark?

Gifts to buy and you have zero idea what to get that significant person?

There’s no food in the fridge so better stock up soon before you start eating the curtains?

Oh - and there’s coffee to drink, because no one’s going to drink it for you?

So many demands.

I know.

I get it.

I see it.

I have it.

Here’s the thing I know.

Busyness is an undeniable fact of life sometimes.

It is good to be productive, and sometimes everything needs to be done yesterday.

But here is the thing.

You can only do one thing at a time.

Overwhelm and stress only happens when you try and do more than one thing at once.

Carry too much …

Even just in your head …

And you’ll end up spinning around in small circles doing sweet nothings except feeling that tightness in the pit of your stomach crank up.

Oh - and clarity?

Out the window it goes.

No perspective, no efficiency, no nothing.

Just confusion and struggle.


Get yourself a plan, focus your attention on the next thing.

Ignore the clamouring for attention of all the other things in your head.

One thing.

This thing, then that thing.

Focus is one of the essentials of life.

It’s a foundation upon which every pillar of your life can stand strong.

It’s a skill that you can practice, you can get better at it.


There’s no need for overwhelm. If you do get it, you know what’s happened. Take a step back, take a breath, get really present and go again.


Go well! -Arjuna


If you take time out to do your Ascension meditation?

It’ll actually give you MORE time in your day.

True. I swear.

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