The season to be "whole assed"?

My meditation teacher loves t-shirts. One of his current favourites simply says “Be Whole Assed”.

Do you get it?

In other words, his t-shirt is saying “don’t be half-assed”.

Cool huh?

Well, I like it.

How are you doing at being “whole assed”?

Part of that is making sure you do what you said you would, for sure. Making plans and goals, doing and going and all of that.

But for me a big chunk of being whole assed is enjoying each and every moment.

In this season of goodwill, joy, and celebration are you fully enjoying yourself?

I’m not much of a Christmas decoration, tinsel, flashing lights, Christmas songs kind of guy, but my fiancee and her family definitely are. So I leave it to them.

But it gives me a lot of joy to watch them get all excited about the Christmas tree - 7 foot tall this year, came in through the window. But only just.

What I love about Christmas the most is the coming together. The hunkering down next to the fire. The eating and the toasting of good health.

I love the celebration of life itself. In these dark mid-winter days (up north of the globe anyways), I love the stopping and making a feast to contentment and joy and living.

For I believe you have to choose to celebrate, pretty regularly actually, because no one else is going to do it for you.

For you need to remember to thrive, not merely survive.

And celebration is part of that.

If you wait to enjoy, you’ll be a waiting for some time.

It can be so easy to forget that, even when the season is about joy, you know?

So even in the lead up to the big moment - make it about joy. Don’t be pressured, or anxious, or any of those things that people tell me they get around this time.

Instead, be whole assed - enjoy each and every moment.

That’s what I’ll be doing at least.

Enjoy. For it is the purpose of life itself.