The thing I’m not good at

Just bought me and the family a new second hand car.

I know nothing about cars,

And I have met some shady characters when I was looking.

So it’s already brought me lessons.

Which I'll tell you about:

But first, let me ask you something:

When someone does something obviously that adversely affects you, or will in the near future, do you:

a) get angry and in a loud voice tell them and everyone around you how much of an idiot they are, and spend the next 3 days stewing over that moron … ?

b) tell them immediately in a calm clear manner, expressing what you would like them to do?

c) think you might have misheard them, perhaps they aren’t being deliberately this way, maybe you did something wrong, and it doesn’t matter any way, I’ll just let it go … then spend the next 3 days rehearsing the conversation in your head the way you wished it had gone … ?

Which one are you?

Let me tell you something for free -

People who can pull off b) are very rare.

Very rare indeed.

Speaking up, not losing their cool and getting all dramatic but not being a walk over either.

That balance is a wonderful thing.

Now I’m by nature a classic c) -

Swallowing everything I have to respond and then regretting it for days after.

Bottling up what I really wanted to say because …

Well - because I, and if you’re like me you know this, don’t trust or value what we have to say -

And perhaps we don’t want to hurt anyone,

But basically it’s shying away from confrontation.

My foray into buying a car -

For a variety of reasons -

Has meant I’ve had to pull by big boy pants on and speak up.

It’s a fascinating thing actually:

Seeing where I need to say something -

And how my mind just squeaks and hates it.

It would rather I stay safe and not say a word.

Now - 

From experience I know it’s a bad way -

I just end up frustrated and angry and stewing,

It's so much better to let it out there and then.

Difficult conversations are best had when and where they come up.

Delaying and avoiding is not the way forward.

No sir-ree.

It’s an interested thing -

Because my Ishayas’ Ascension meditation practice has allowed me to see that I NEED to speak up.

Meditation isn’t - as some people think - avoiding action,

Or becoming a walk over -

It’s about being more truthful to yourself.

For sure you become less a) and more compassionate and patient and forgiving,

But when you need to say something you sure know it.

It becomes so clear.

And so you speak up.

So if you’re an a) and need to moderate your reactions

Or like me and a c) and need to speak up more often …

I think you’d really like Ascension.

It’ll give you the awareness and the clear mind and the boldness to start doing what you need to do.

But if you’re not ready to make all of life fun and effective and filled with peace just yet?

Just try and stay aware of what may appear difficult in the short term but will be long term excellent.

Don’t take the easy way out and fall into unconscious reaction.

Calmly and consciously choose your response.

This FREE guide will help enormously:

Go well



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