Watching car crash TV

I’m in the waiting room of my mechanic -

And there’s Jeremy Kyle on the TV.

I’ve never seen Mr Kyle’s show before,

What a treat!

If you haven’t seen it, or live outside the UK, how can I explain?

A talk show where family members, friends … people … get on and discuss a problem.

But of course it’s sensational .. people shout and argue, walk off, throw things, fight.

Many times it’s humanity at its worst.

I told the receptionist I’d never seen the show and she was all mock shock and surprise -

She loves it you see,

When she watches how terrible other humans are,

How bad some people’s lives are,

It makes her life seem alright.

It makes her appreciate her own life so much more.

I see what she means …

But what if you could appreciate and be grateful for your life without comparison?

You see, comparison can become the thief of joy -

Because if you’re comparing down in some sort of social strata -

You’ll be comparing up too.

And that can hurt.

Comparison can be great -

Having the perspective that you have a wonderful life sometimes comes from seeing others struggle.


What if appreciation and gratitude became your natural way of living life?

A choice for sure, but a choice that became automatic?

There are two ways you can make sure of that -

When you notice that you’re harsh on yourself,

When you’re focussed on what is wrong, on what is missing or lacking,

When you’re judging and condemning yourself or others,

Put in place the opposite, “upward spiralling” thought -

Find something to appreciate.

Find something to be grateful for.

Help someone out.

And …

Be present, be in the here and now.

Becoming more aware of your own presence in this moment,

Being more immersed in what is right in front of you,

Being in your body as opposed to being in your mind, thinking your life away …

This is the root of becoming automatically appreciative and grateful -

Without needing someone else to be doing worse than you.

Those people who Ascend and are reading this know what I’m talking about.

Because it makes that choice automatic.

It takes away the habits of judgement and focussing on what is wrong.

It's a super simple and yet powerful way of changing the foundation of your entire life.

If you have no idea of what I'm talking about?

Start right here with my free guide to being more present and positive:

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Go well!



One top tip for a happier life is ...

To limit the amount of trashy gossipy magazines and TV you get yourself exposed to.

Think of it like fast food for your soul,

Tastes good for about a second,

THEN you feel it.

Everyone loves a cheeky binge of junk food every now and then for sure,

But all the time? Not so good huh?

Feed yourself good stuff!