The White Hair

A first - I discovered a white hair on my chest this morning.

Fascinating I know,

But there’s some serious change going on in my life,

There’s some growing up going on -

New house, baby, buying a family wagon, settling down.

My 20 something year old self was very against settling down.

“White picket fencing” we called it,

We sneered, oh we sneered as we took off where ever on adventures, did whatever we wanted, stayed out well late catching just one last wave.

I was so proud of the fact that I could fit all my possessions in a suitcase and a pack -

(I didn’t count the van load of kayaks, bikes, snowboards, ropes and ice axes)

And now?

Whatever …

I love what’s happening.

It can be so tempting to think “life was better when …”

But the fact is I’ve embarked on some serious “adult gorilla-ing”

(That is a story for tomorrow - one that I stole from my meditation teacher and he has some great stories)

To summarise - it’s the process of not letting your youth be the pinnacle of your life.

It’s making sure as you grow older, you get wiser -

And fitter and stronger and more resilient and more alive.

The fact is I was lost as a kid.

I was anxious, full of self-doubt, prone to depression and worry …

I was a shocker around money (terrified of it), I was emotionally fragile - fearful of the future, dismissive of girls who wanted to “white picket fence” me, and yet torn apart when they broke up with me …

The works.

I thought I had it all sorted, but looking back I didn’t really have a clue.

I still don’t have much of a clue, but I do have a solid internal foundation for finding out -

For growth.

For squeezing more and more out of life.

Such a worth while goal -

The biggest thing I’ve discovered is that “white picket fencing” is a mental state of being:

A comfort zone.

It’s not WHAT you do, but HOW you do it.

And you can do things with more style and more enjoyment -

With less fear and less stress,

With more inspiration and more presence for ever more.

There’s no lid on this sucker!

You want to join us?

Come on in, right here:

Go well, Arjuna


Live well too.