There’s no time for surfing - you’ve got TOO much to do!

Boy, did I have a busy day yesterday.

Sumati doesn’t get ordered around by herself, you know.

At one point - it may have been a little way into one too many cups of coffee,

As I was testing the couch (to make sure there were no springs loose)

And juggling my pedicure schedule …

I tell you - that was frantic!

I mean, how do you decide between the full French pedi or the Thai foot experience?

Doing both seemed like my only option.

But then I couldn’t find Sumati anywhere to book it for me, no matter how loud I yelled.

People used to accuse me of being out of touch -

“You’re a monk, what would you know about the real world?”

Clearly they have no idea.

In the middle of this epic storm of frazzle,

Of overwhelm actually - because I had so much to do, and no time to do it all …

I had an epiphany …

Or, as I’ve just dictionarized the work -

A realisation of momentous proportions.

And that was this:

The scale of your frazzle and overwhelm …

You know that feeling, right?

When you have so much to do and zero time to do it …?

Has nothing to with the length or even “heaviness”  of your to do list.

BTW: You know when a to do list is heavy?

I mean, it may only be 2 items long, but they are:

1. Move house;

2. Save the world.

All by tomorrow, 9am.

Heavy, man …

In truth, your foreboding sense of overwhelm and panic rising is all related:

To the amount of focus you give it.

How much you hold the "to be done's" in your head.

Overwhelm is therefore related to over-thinking.

Which is a wonderful thing to realise - honestly.

Because sometimes you can’t do much about how busy your days are,

But you CAN do a huge amount of how busy your head is.

And that makes ALL the difference.

It’s all related on future thinking …

“I have this and this and this to do”.

Holding it all in your head is a recipe for panic.

So - get it out of your head.

On paper if you need.

Get present.


Then get super present and do one thing at a time.

Fully give yourself to this moment.

You CAN only do one thing.

If you do this fully and completely,

All overwhelm and stress and frazzle will go.


And you’ll be a nicer person to be around.

You won’t snap at your kids, again.

You'll be more efficient.

You’ll also enjoy yourself a great deal more too.


So that is the answer to your to do list overwhelm woes.

You’re future surfing!

There’s no time for surf - you’re busy.

Get yourself back in the present moment.

Jolly good!

Go well,



Of course - a meditation practice helps so much with the ability to “put things down”,

Out of your head so you’re not carrying them.

If you head this way, you can pick up my FREE (capitals!) guide to all the things you can do to make your life more mindful,

And even start to meditate, should you wish.