Ronaldo, temper tantrums and feeling foolish

You might know of Ronaldo,

The world’s second best football player … ?


Bear with me - you might be no sports fan, but there’s something in this for you.

Recently he was banned for 5 matches.

Because he had a little tantrum and PUSHED the referee.

Now, I’m not a professional athlete,

But it seems to me the last people you want to physically mess with are the officials.

“Don’t you know who I am?” isn’t the best approach, is it?

Professional athletes know the head game is as important as the physical game -

or they should.

It looks like when that red mist descends, it’s hard to stop - even for the experts.

Well, that’s not true.

I have had quite a temper.

Never physical violence, but sure to be sure, I have thrown a few strops,

Had a few meltdowns,

Said some things …

And never been very proud of any of it when the dust settles.

How about you?

Not necessarily something as dramatic as a melt down,

But how about that "snapping" at your kids, at your partner?

And how guilty you feel about it after?

Or just the low grade grumps when you make everyone’s lives just that little bit more miserable.

Grump, grump, grump.

Heh heh - I know those SO well.

The thing I realised is that the more head space you have,

The easier it is to see these reactions coming, and do something different.

What gives you less head space?

Exhaustion and tiredness is one. Stress is another - that overload. Losing your sense of humour, that’s another - isn’t it? How busy you are in your head - how much your overthink things, lack of sleep …

All that stuff.

How do you get MORE head space, so you can see a reaction coming -

And have a choice about whether you follow it,

Or decide to do something different?

It’s the whole reason why I’m a meditation teacher.

If Ascension meditation didn’t work for me and my temper (amongst many other things) then I would not be here telling the world about it.

You CAN permanently adjust your baseline of temper.

It is a practice, for sure,

But the more I practiced my Ascension meditation the more “teflon” I got.

Life would throw those custard pies, and they'd slide right off.

What was previously intolerable began to have zero effect on me.

Amazing huh?

If I can do it - you can do it.

It’s just a case of how much do you WANT to do it.

Is it worth devoting a little time every day to?

I think so.

Go well!



Anyone have Ronaldo’s number?

Haha - just had an imagine of a bunch of you Ronaldo fans going

“oooh, I’d like his number …”


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