Tops Tips to lose stress and make meditation and mindfulness so super simple

When I started getting into this game of mindfulness and meditation there wasn’t the internet.

Me and my friends would send morse code telegraphy back and forth,

Mum and dad would yell at us kids -

“Get off the telegraph and go outside!”

Oh how the world has changed, hasn’t it?

When you were interested in getting better at something?

Back then there were no way of getting tips from kind strangers on the other side of the planet in the comfort of your home.

You had to find someone who knew what they talking about, like, in Real Life.

Now days we have a whole internet of Tips.

You could say the entire internet is made up of cat pictures and tips.

And how I love reading tips …

So to fit in with everyone else -

Here’s some tips for you.

All about meditation and mindfulness -

To make it so simple,

So straightforward you’ll have a practice that not only will you enjoy but that will end all stress and mean your life really comes alive.

Wouldn’t THAT be nice?

Well you can - truly.

Here are my wonderful, top tips for anyone who wants to start doing just that,

AND you experts -

Because the basics are all you need (true too).

If you’d like to see my pretty face talking about these tips and expanding upon them much more than I’m able to here,

Head this way:

Otherwise, here we go:

1. Have no expectations

Expectations ruin many things. When you meditate, try and have none.

Insist on nothing - expect as little as possible.

Because then you can tune into what you DO have, not what you think you SHOULD have …

Do yourself a favour and have no expectations.

2. It’s not about stopping your thoughts

It’s about becoming more aware, in the present moment.

See the difference?

Leave those thoughts alone, it'll make your life so much easier.

3. Be consistent

The more regularly you practice the faster you will lose stress and gain calm, focus and happiness.

Doing 10 minutes every day is so much better than struggling through 30 minutes once in a while. OK?

Do what you can.

4. Be comfortable

Relax, put your feet up, grab your blankey.

You may fall asleep in the beginning - but you are probably exhausted and running on fumes.

Sitting upright has its benefits, but I’ve found sitting so you can forget your body is SO much better.

No strain!

5. Take nothing seriously

Go easy, no strain.

Laugh at yourself. Don’t be in a rush to get somewhere.

Sit, be aware, notice, enjoy.

Laugh at them thoughts.

Laugh at being distracted, again.

“Oh well, back in!”

All the mindful masters I’ve met laugh their butts off. If you want to laugh your way through life then take it all less and less seriously every day.

6. No strain!

Don’t try, don’t control, don’t struggle.

See above.

There's no need - it doesn't get you anywhere. In fact, it slows you down.

7. Indulge in mindful and meditative snacks

Sitting at a red light? Be mindful.

Walking somewhere? Tune in and be mindful.

Waiting? Get off the phone, for a moment, and be aware.

Cooking? Eating? Cleaning? Driving? Showering? Playing music? Exercising?

Give yourself FULLY to the moment while doing your thing and see what happens.

And there we go -

All the tips you need.

I'm sure there is so much more, but I do go on a bit

Enjoy, hit me up with questions, and head over to the video if you want to have more detail:

Go well!



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