Paying For Pleasure

paymentI’m eating poached eggs and spinach, sipping on a short strong coffee. It is good.

I’ve been interested in how to eat for the most energy for a long time now.

Being in the outdoors gave me a greater appreciation for food, and what my body needs as the best fuel.

I recently tried the no/super low carbs approach - that was a little extreme, and didn’t really give me what I was looking for.

I was once a vegan too, giving up all animal products.

That was VERY extreme. Now, I did it because I thought it was the “right” thing to do.

But it didn’t suit my body. I was starving a lot of the time. And it didn’t have a big enough fun factor.

So I stopped.

When I started meditating I tried sitting on the floor with a super straight spine.

My knees, ankles and hips, oh and back too - they all hurt like a mother.

I was more grateful for stopping than I was for anything I got from the meditations.

“Right” but no fun, not enough pleasure or reward.

I only did it because I was told it was the “correct” thing to do.

Isn’t it interesting all the stuff we do because it’s the “right” thing to do?

I’m all about experimenting and honestly sticking with something if it’s good for you.

But just because something is good for you, it needs to give you a good feeling as well - right?

Otherwise you just don’t do it.

There has to be a happy medium.

I lift kettlebells, and that hurts, but it gives me a good feeling as well as a long term reward.

So there is a payment but a pleasure return too.

I don’t eat much sugar, because I know if I throw too much down me I don’t have a good feeling -  despite my thoughts about triple chocolate cake.

Again - there is a payment (not automatically reaching for the chocolate bar when I have a craving) and the pleasure is no crash and more energy.

I meditate using the Ishayas’ Ascension - that doesn’t hurt - but the payment is stopping and sitting and closing my eyes every day.

The pleasure is more Life. More freedom from the mind. Less reaction.

The point of all of this?

Experiment - try all the fads and the latest and greatest and newest programmes and regimes

But do it with a view with what works for you.

What payment / pleasure balance there is for you?

Do you enjoy it?

Is it “fun”?

And who cares if it’s “right” or not?

It has to suit you. Otherwise you won't do it.

That’s all I have today - trust your honest feelings about something. Not the second or third thoughts, they’re tricksy.

And don’t be shy of paying something to get pleasure, but trust whether the payment is worth it too.

Take it easy out there, enjoy yourself.



If you’re interested I can teach you Ascension meditation over a weekend.

You may find it is has the best payment / pleasure / reward balance of just about anything, this side of a good steak with a nice glass of red wine.

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