What Are You Doing Tonight?

Any plans tonight? I do.

I’m settling down in front of my computer for a little online training.

It’s for busy mums …

The struggles that they face -

And what to do about them.

First thing I have realised about being a parent,

Is how full on it is, all the time.

But I've also seen there’s a vast difference between being busy and being stressed and struggling.

The two don’t HAVE to go hand in hand.

Stress really is an unconscious habit,

A habit you can change.

When you know how, it’s really a simple process.

This training is what that's all about.

You CAN learn to be:

- super calm, super happy in the middle of all the busy-ness and mayhem - not think so much you feel like your head will explode with things to do - react (and regret) less and be able to choose your responses freely and wisely - end guilt, anxiety and comparison and be satisfied with “doing my best”, because you are - being good with taking time for yourself

So tonight (Thursday) at 8pm GMT,

Head this way and we’ll get into it.

https://business.facebook.com/MrArjunaIshaya Bring popcorn!

Looking forward to seeing you there,

Go well! Arjuna