When People Start Dying Around You

dyingSo 7 people died in the Alps over a single week recently. You probably heard about it, you might have even known some of them.

When I first realised you could die doing these very cool, very life-affirming and life-enhancing things in the outdoors I was shocked.

At the time, the news that a friend died kayaking on a grade three river (medium risk, not so risky really - or so I thought) absolutely baffled and stunned me. 

I couldn’t balance the sheer joy I got with the fact that I, or my friends, could actually die.

“How could that happen?”

I didn’t really know.

Since then it’s almost become almost a fact of life.

Especially when I lived in a mountain town packed full of climbers and jumpers and kayakers and skiers and snowboarders.

All of a sudden that guy who I would smile across the bar at was gone.

Now it’s -

- and the words are going to come out wrong no matter how hard I try so bear with me -

Now it’s almost a bittersweet thing to me when someone I know or in the outdoors community dies.

There’s sadness for them not being around, for their partners and families who they leave behind.

But there’s inspiration too - because these guys inspire me no end to make the most of each and every single moment.

I’ll never be as good or as bold as some of these people - nor to I want to be - but they still inspire me to live life well.

Even in dying.

Because we just don’t know how much time we have.

There was a guy I worked with who - at 23 years old - went home early with stomach pains and was dead 2 weeks later.

That was a huge lesson.

A huge wake up call, actually.

And when someone else goes, again I get that reminder.

Steph Davis, the climber and base jumper says it well when she says that death shouldn't be removed from life: __________________

“Death is a part of life. To me, what matters most is living a good life and a curious life, one that is beautiful and true to one’s heart.” ___________________

Time is limited, and the I want to fill it with as much goodness - in every aspect of my life - as  possible.

Take care out there, enjoy it. - Arjuna