Bored At Work? Sue Your Boss

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So there’s a guy who is bored of his job -

... and so he sues his employer.


Pass all your responsibility on how you feel over to someone else.

I actually can’t believe this happened.

But the BBC reports it, so it may have a smidgeon of truth.

I get it too - who hasn’t been bored at work?

Who hasn't wanted to sue at least one employer for something?

You know,

Maybe it’s a good thing -

Sounds like all these people got so bored of the treadmill of unfulfilling working life they did something about it.

The article is all about how they went off and became teachers or writers or potters or travelled or whatever.

And if you’ve been reading these ramblings of mine long enough you know I’m the first to encourage people to break loose and go and do something different or bold.


We are sold - conditioned if you like - the idea that your happiness comes from something, something external to us.

Like a job - it’ll give you happiness.

Or money from that job will buy you happiness.

Or a relationship will make you happy. Or a car, or holidays, or more TVs, or a newer phone, or that kayaking trip.

Not happy?

Change your job. Or get a new relationship, or car, or TV, or phone.

That fact is:

- and it seems like people are starting to wake up to it -

Nothing can make you happy.

It is a personal choice to be happy or not -

You can be happy anywhere, anytime, doing anything.

Same with boredom.

It’s a choice.

You may not currently know how to make or unmake, but happiness and boredom are both choices that you make, constantly.

If you’re looking for something or someone outside of yourself to give you constant excitement and stimulation?

- Well, good luck.

Because you’re not going to find it.

And you’ll spend your life a little bit lost, searching for it.

Want an end to boredom?

It’s all in your attitude.

And then everything you throw on top of that attitude will be even better.

That new career path, that holiday, that new house …

Or even just sitting in that cubicle, shuffling paper.

Even better.

Don’t let anyone or anything take away your own happiness.


Job done, meaning of life found.

(Don’t say I never do anything for you)

And have a sweet day, Arjuna


It’s true - the meaning of life is found not so much in what you do, but how you do it.

Your internal choice. Your attitude is it.


Want it even simpler?

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No nonsense, just practical how to:

And - as well - I'll tell you more on the other side.