When You Take a Kick to the “Zensticles”

“Zensticles” ... ?

When life delivers a low blow -

You take a kick to the “Zensticles”,

As in:

Your organs of Zen take a blow,

Calm, perspective, fun - it all goes out the window.

You fume and you fight, you shake your fist at the sky: “Why me??”

And it matters not your gender.

“Zenvaries” perhaps …?

The whole point of mindfulness, being present, practicing meditation such as Ascension ... (or Zen for that matter)?

Is to develop sturdier Zen parts,

Ones that will take the knocks of life.

Firm, flexible, fluid, resilient - so you can take the kicks and -

I mean this 100% -

Come up smiling,

With a “thank you” on your lips, a song in your heart -

And actually mean it.

Your attitude to life becomes not: “life is out to kick me in the sensitive bits, and all the time” -

Which it does seem to do sometimes, doesn’t it?

But actually your attitude becomes one of enquiry -

(A Zenitude, to be sure)

You see Life is actually saying to you:

“Hey - how about here? You can become more free and more joyful here and here. Oh, and there’s more to be Lived right here too”

Do you see the difference in approach/attitude?

I know that may seem far fetched, but it’s true.

I’ve seen it in myself and in countless others.

You CAN develop a completely new attitude, a new response to all of life -

Even and especially when it seems life goes pear shaped.

Life stops being merely about survival and just getting by,

Trying not to react, trying to stay on the right side of that stress/enjoyment line

And genuinely and naturally - it’s not forced at all -

Your attitude becomes one of gratitude and learning and exploration -

Not so much “why?” but a lot more “wow”.

Far fetched?

But what if? What if you could live like that?

It would be worth trying, would it not?

So for fantastic Zensticles:

First step - learn to meditate. I personally practice and recommend the Bright Path Ishayas Ascension: www.thebrightpath.com

or get my free guide to a sturdy sense of unflappable Zen:


Second step:

Assume the attitude you want to have more of.

If you’re enjoying the results of the “why?” type one, keep doing that.

If you want more of the “Wow!” one - assume that one.

Fake it till you make it.

Start with actively appreciation and gratitude.

Look not for right and wrong, but ask these two questions:

“What can I learn from this?”

“How can I enjoy this more?”

Be patient and compassionate and giving, especially to yourself, put down the whip.

Because you’ll come to realise pretty soon that:

The attitude doesn’t choose you, oh no -

You choose your attitude.

You’re the boss.

You’re in charge.


Excellent - any questions on that, fire away.

Go well!



Apologies to all Zen students without a sense of humour.

Nothing Zen was hurt in the writing of this blog.


Get a free guide to keeping your sense of humour at all times,

Stay cool and calm as a cucumber,

Get excited about life for sure, but on your terms:


You’ll love it.