Where are you?

The greatest way to live the best of lives is to spend as much time in the same place as your body as you can. That may sound funny, but humans are the best time travellers. We are anywhere but here in this moment, we are always in the past or future. We live everywhere but in our bodies, we spend an awesome amount of time in our heads.

That is the reason why you enjoy what you enjoy so much, whether it is golf or knitting, climbing rocks or making music, exercising or just sitting, watching.

When you do these things you become very present. You get out of your head, your senses broaden, you become aware.

You become absorbed in the task, and in this moment. It captivates you, invigorates you, you become alive.

But this experience isn’t task or situation specific. I always thought that kayaking brought me so much joy because it was being in nature, it was exciting and it was physically challenging.

It is all these things, but critically I enjoyed it was because it was an escape, and being an escape I let go of my life. My life was somewhere else, but now was now. This was ‘me’ time!

It wasn’t because I was up a river, it was because I let go and focussed on the here and now.

It is the same with everything - It isn’t about what you do, it is always about how you do it.

I realise now that I am better at being present I can have the same buzz from washing the dishes. Being in the outdoors may give me an extra sparkle, but the sense of being alive and absorbed, completely and utterly present to this moment is available no matter what I do.

Letting go of what has been and what will be is the key.

Just now - be awake. Be here. Notice. Be involved in now.

You may live the busiest of lives but you can only do one thing at a time - do that one thing. Be totally absorbed in it. Don’t half-arse do it whilst thinking about what you have to do next.

You will find you become much more efficient, and perhaps more importantly, enjoy yourself much more.

Be alive!