Who Wants A £500 Gold Pizza

Did you know …

For £500 you can order, and eat, a pizza covered in gold -

(If you really want to).

I can’t imagine you’d do it for the taste, simply to say you’ve done it.

I was in a whisky bar in Glasgow once and enquired as to the bottle they had centre stage on the bar.

£1000 for a single 30ml measure.

Whooo boy.

Would it really taste that much different from a merely expensive single malt?

I’d kind of like to find out …

Would you?


That’s what makes life come alive.

You can spend your life thinking about stuff -

Or you can get amongst it and feel it, do it, taste it.

That why meditation is so valuable.

It gets you out of your head and into the experience of life, of this moment in time - the one moment you can actually live in.

Our world is so rich.

Chances are you reading this have everything you need and many of the things you want.

And yet we are so poor.

There is so much experience, but it’s hollow.

There isn’t a foundation in gratitude or appreciation for the simple things.

And that makes ALL the difference.

I had everything I wanted in life and yet it never fulfilled.

I had this annoying doubt, this voice in my head that just said:

“Is This It?”

All this stuff, all these wonderful experiences, and yet NONE of them satisfied, for long.

Your inner foundation in presence and attitude is critical to this.

It is the answer to the “Is This It?” question.

It makes it disappear, completely.

It makes every experience full and rich -

So whether it’s a gold pizza you’re scoffing or throwing yourself off a waterfall in your kayak or a walk in the park with your family -

It makes sense, it means there’s nothing missing any more.

You do things not from internal need, but because you want to - a hugely different way to live.

Sound good?

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Go well! Arjuna


How do you think the remains of a gold pizza comes out the other end?

Hmmmm …