Good Triumphs Over Evil (Yay!)

Here’s a cool story for you - (And an even better photo that goes with it)

I was overjoyed when I first saw it as a kid.

For it's one of those stories when good triumphs over evil -

And all kids (and adult kids too) love that kind of story.

OK, so ... story time -

KV Switzer just last week ran the Boston Marathon at the age of 70

Which is cool in itself - I would LOVE to be that active at that age.

The best thing is: history was made when KV first ran the same race back in 1967 -

All because KV is Kathrine and women weren’t allowed to run back then.

You know, ladiez being “naturally” weak and prone to swooning and having to carry babies and all that.

She ran anyway -

An enraged official tried to grab her and pull her off the course (this guy was furious)

Except her huge boyfriend is right there ...

(Bigger than Hugh “Huge” Jackman, so that's saying something)

And this beefy guy shoulder charges the forces of evil into the gutter.


(You HAVE to check out the photos - the faces are perfect), here they are:

Kathrine finished the race,

Everything changes in that small part of the world,

Women can now run, if they want. Good!

Why do I love it?

As a kid I knew the world was unfair.

I’m a white boy with a tiny experience of life and already it’s obvious things are not equal.

So it was awesome to see someone getting their own little victory over the bullies.

It was also really inspiring to see someone saying:

“The rules are stupid, screw doing what you think I’m supposed to do - I’m doing what I want”

It made me think -

Despite all the rules and shoulds and “what will people think”s that we internalise so much it becomes “truth” -

eg … “Women can’t run a marathon” …

How ridiculous now - but how many ideas have we held to be “true” that now seem silly?

How many people are thinking right now “I’m getting old, I can’t be running marathons …”

How many unexamined road blocks do we still have in our own heads?

I realised:

There was stuff that is externally unfair and the rules and stupid “truths” that just didn’t make any sense -

But the chains of “truth” in our own heads create a prison more than anything.

The “I can’t”, “I’m no good”, “What will they think of me?” or “I’m too old or slow or stupid” …

These things held you back more than an external “The Man” or “Mr Smith” or other bully or force of evil.

Because it sounds like your voice in your head, it seems like THE Truth.

You know?

But it is the one place you can free yourself from -

When you see it clearly.

It’s true:

When you clear up the mental debris,

It clears the way for you to live a life you’re proud of,

That satisfies you.

In doing so, it helps others do the same (if they wish)

There’s much to be done in the world for sure,

But the one excellent place to start is your own head.

When you’re free up top, you’re really free to make change in the world.


On that - go well! Arjuna


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