Willing To Go Through Hell? (you’re doing it all wrong)

“You willing to go through hell to get what you want?” “You ready to bleed for this?!”


I’m not interested.

How about you?

I see it all the time around and about,

(In fact I used to be a little like that myself - to be honest)

A kind of level of extreme, head first, no prisoners approach to …

Well, many different things …

Weight loss, fitness, business, and even good old mastery of one’s mind.

You know, because I've tried it I can say with 100% authority and experience:

It just doesn’t work.

It’s fine if you’re that kind of gung ho “smash it” hulk personality … or you have the steely discipline of a super ninja robot,

But even then it wears out.

Because it’s harsh.

And harshness isn’t fun, nor rewarding.

(unless you’re hardwired for some masochism, I guess …?)

And if it isn’t fun or rewarding you just aren’t going to do it on a long term.

You’re not going to make it part of your life.

Therefore there's no transformation.

But the fact is you don't need to anyway.

Here’s the thing when it comes to mastering your mind.

Conquering physical challenges is one thing, i.e. making friends with discomfort.

Being able to direct your focus, ignoring certain thought patterns and choosing others is completely different.

There’s not a lot of cross over there.

There isn’t.

So many people think mastering their minds lays in mastering physical discomfort.

When I tried this approach I found I was so focussed on the physical I couldn’t move beyond it.

I couldn't get to deeper levels of calm and centredness and joy and inner presence.

There was just relief and gratitude that I’d finished being "disciplined".


So the question isn’t “are you prepared to bleed” to overcome the whiney, negative, anxious, reactive part of yourself …

NOT: "are you prepared to go through hell to get to heaven?",

But are you prepared to go through heaven to get to even greater levels of heaven?

Are you prepared to make it supremely easy, and in fact joyful?

If so?

You’ll like our approach a lot:

https://arjunaishaya.leadpages.co/sane-fb/ Keep the peace! Arjuna

PS If you’re not yet sure if you can make it simple and easy and joyful?

Why not let the reins loose just a little?

Just to say you’ve tried it …

Put a smile on your dial, be a touch gentle with yourself?

You can always go back if it doesn’t work.