What If You Just Quit The Internet?

Just got internet supplied to our new house. Look who's back! Wifi’s back!

It’s taken since January - at least 3 whole months of being without the wide world web in the house.

I’m ecstatic.


Thrilled even.

There is so much that the internet can give me - 

Kayaking videos


Fail Army


Googling “is my baby's poo supposed to look like that?”

You know - cool stuff!

Sumati’s mood has improved considerably too. Heh heh.

Technology is a joy -

But it can be a curse, right?

Witness the walking dead -

The zombie apocalypse of former humans now brain dead,

Endlessly scrolling through their mobile phones,

Ignoring all peoples, all traffic, everything around them,

Relationships dying as they forget how to converse with a live person.

That fine art of asking interesting questions, telling interesting stories, listening - really listening.

So often people will say:

“Detox! Get rid of it all”

And talk about the simplicity of a life without technology, a life without constant updates, of such contact-ability.

Getting away from it all -

It’s a nice idea.

But throwing it ALL away is never the answer.

It’s realising that it’s not about the phone or the computer or the TV or being constantly in demand,

It’s about how YOU use all of that.

Your mobile phone can be a power of good, if you’re aware.

My personal rule for mobile phones?

If there’s someone else in the room - and it’s not a waiting room or a bus stop room,

Get off my phone.

Talk, practice the art of conversation.

And it is an art.

You don’t do it, it dies.

Never a mobile phone in bed.

Great time for some “connecting” of at least one variety …

That is a wonderful way of making sure my relationship stays alive and vibrant and close.

You see, all of this is a choice.

Your whole life is a choice.

You may not realise where your choice lies, exactly - but just seeing that you play a role in all of it is a huge step forward.

When you do want more choice, you might be interested in this:

https://arjunaishaya.leadpages.co/sane-fb/ Keep the peace!