Easy Way To Get Out Of A Funk - And Quick

Feeling a bit down in the dumps? A bit cranky?

A bit anxious?

A bit depressed perhaps?

Maybe you’re feeling frustrated or irritated?

Do you know what one super effective and quick way to get out of your funk is?

Would you like to know?

OK - 

When you realise you’re heading into it all,

And your usual strategies to get out aren’t working so well -

Find a way to give to someone else.

Anyone at all - just give:

Be kind, get up and go and make someone else’s life better or easier or lighter in some way.

It will completely get you out of your story,

And shift that mood completely.

So kindness means not only someone else wins -

You do too!


And it need not cost any money whatsoever.

Great stuff.

Now just don’t take my word for it -

Go and DO it.

And have a wonderful weekend.

Keep the Peace! Arjuna


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