This Life Is Your Life, And Yours Alone

awarenessYour life is your life. You alone can live it.

You alone know how to live it.

No one else can tell you how - I certainly can’t.

I can try and support you in living the life you want.

In achieving your goals with maximum style.

But you’re the one that has to come through.

To do that awareness will be your greatest ally.

Self-awareness that is, directed towards how you do things now and how you can do things better.

Without awareness you just bumble around in the dark, doing things the way you’ve aways done them.

Without awareness things control you. You have no say in the matter. You’re like a monkey on a chain, being jerked here and there.

It's a bit harsh, but it's true, is it not?

But with awareness you have choice. You have control. You can take charge and head in the direction you want to.

How’s your levels of self-awareness?

It’s something that you can practice, a skill you can develop.

You need to set aside the necessary time to do it, but well worth while it is.

Like a woodcutter stopping to sharpen his axe, or a musician taking time to tune her instrument, it becomes something that needs to be done.

A must, a necessity.

Because then your limiting reactive habits don’t get the better of you.

You don’t lose yourself in the busy-ness of what you need to do today.

The beliefs that say you’re no good or you can’t do it or you don’t care anyway - well, they don’t take over and mean life becomes a little bit smaller.

You don’t get stressed, you don’t snap, you can stay calm and clear and content, focussed and happy.

You can focus on the moment, on what you need to do and blank out everything that says you can't, that you might get hurt.

That kind of headspace is worth everything to cultivate.

Having awareness is the key to more of life, to greater adventures in the outdoors, having the kind of relationship with your partner and family that you want.

And you can do it - you just need the right tools and the time to practice them, really you do.

Mountain Mindset Begins On August 4th I start my Mountain Mindset programme. I’m super proud of this programme.

I’ve tweaked what I’ve been doing for the last 13 years to a point where it’s really, really good.

I'm confident it's great - I just need some feedback before I unleash it on the public.

Specially designed for you who know there’s more in terms of performance and enjoyment - in the outdoors and in life.

It will give you the tools to bring more clear, cool awareness to anything that you do.

And hence I need some volunteers to test it.

You want to be one?

It won’t cost any money, but I do need you to do certain things for me.

Most of them are to make sure you get the most out of the programme, and some are to tell others (once you’re finished) how great it was.

There’s only room for 8 (perhaps 10 if I’m begged) around the table, so if you want a place I would jump on the email list so you can get more information: Have a great day, stay aware! Arjuna

PS. I know I write a lot.

I figured that since you are reading this you must have at least a passing interest in being less so-so in terms of your mental fortitude and fitness.

That part of you has just had enough, and wants more.

(Good on you for recognising that, by the way - not many people do)

And so a big chunk of overcoming that struggle is staying reminded and inspired.

Hence writing just about every day.

Oh, and here’s what you need to do to stop stopping, to stop being trapped by self-doubt and seriousness.

Get on here: But if you, at any time, have had enough inspiration and motivation and guidance, then you can unsubscribe at any time.

No worries at all.