Give me some skin! Or, why a £200 deposit for a free trial?

skinThere was a comment raising this very question on the good old Facebook, where I have been telling all and sundry about this FREE mental fitness trial for outdoor fellows … All ye who love getting out and about, maybe in a boat, maybe on wheels, maybe on some kind of slidey planks, maybe just on the hoof, made of sticky rubber or sharp talons for gripping mud or ice …

Those who know that experience of leaving it all behind for some wonderful goal ticking fun, enjoying divinely smooth skills complete with shrieks of joy in the wilderness - satisfaction and peace be upon you.

Or being sloppy, weak, disjointed, frantically grasping at something solid, for something to work, and finding nothing to hold onto, getting worked over and frustrated too …

You know those times -

And you know if you could just get your head in the right place then everything would be so much easier.

You’re correct - and that’s why mental fitness is everything to all that you do and it’s why I wrote this programme.

On Facebook, someone pointed out the apparent discrepancy between a FREE trial and having to pay a £200 deposit.

At first glance it does seem weird, but there is a perfectly rational explanation.

I'm not scamming anyone.

The reason all lies in SKIN.

When you have skin in the game, you care and it matters and you’ll do what it takes.

When there is no investment, even if you have the best of intentions, it's sooooo easy to slip.

It’s a universal rule of life.

Bought some £120 trainers last year. Really splashed out - which I have never done before.

Did I look after them? Oh my golly goodness, did I what.

My babies.

Investment you see. I have some serious skin in those shoes, and they matter to me. I look after them.

It's the same with everything.

So - I AM giving this whole course - 28 days of the greatest tools, complete with ongoing coaching and instruction and support and expertise - completely for FREE.

But I need you to invest in this programme. I need you to be accountable.

Because then, and only then, you’ll get the very best results - for you.

You’ll follow through with what you said you would do.

That is the sole reason for the £200 deposit, and why upon full completion of the programme you will get your deposit back.

In the past I’ve genuinely taught for FREE and people got the FREE results. Which was all over the place.

So I never will do it again. It’s not good for me, and it’s not good for you.

This programme is FREE, but it isn’t cheap.

But it is simple, and it could well be life changing.

You’ll also help me out in a big way.

Wan to find out more? Of course you do: Any questions? Just email, I’d be happy to help.



Time is ticking.

We don’t begin until 4th August but I am finding the men I need.

They’re applying, and I’m liking the cut of their jib - they are a great fit for this trial, and so they are in.

To get more information, and the application form, go here: