Why? Why do you do it?

whyThe reason I started working on "mental fitness" was because of the outdoors. Being out on a river or up a mountain gave me the ability to be completely present. I could taste the sense of presence, of flow and the zone, leaving the humdrum behind.

With my friends, laughing and shouting, focused and dedicated, seeing if I could make my body do what I wanted it to.

Teamwork, mastery, challenge, nature, complete immersion in the moment.

Being in the outdoors was, in a real sense, my meditation. All going well - I’d come home super happy, satisfied, full up.

Tired, but so alive - you know?

Present to this moment. And content in it.

And it would last for days. Sometimes even beyond a week.

A feeling of everything being in perspective.

Of no matter what, I was alive, and being alive was bigger and more important than any worry.

Relegated to the sidelines were the doubts and the worries, the bills and the grind, the argument with my girlfriend: they were put back, they weren’t central.

Instead, in front was the simple pleasure of life:

Perfect. Happy. Good.

Trouble is - the worry always crept back in.

The high never lasts.

The simple convenience of getting hot water from a tap?

No longer superb.

You lose that sense of presence, of being in the moment.

You forget.

The drugs don’t work - at least not permanently.

That’s why you see guys who are addicted to pushing their limits.

I have nothing against that, I think testing one’s mettle is important.

But addicted to constantly being on the edge? Not content unless you’re out there on some desperate mission?

Something seriously wrong there.

There’s no balance. There is a life beyond the outdoors.

A wife, a family, maybe an education or a career you want to develop.

You can’t avoid it (unless you can convince yourself you’re happy being one dimensional) and you shouldn’t avoid it. There’s so much there.

I wanted balance.

And permanence.

If I could find that place where my worries weren’t central and overwhelming for some days, or even weeks, why not forever?

If I could enjoy the sheer beauty of just being alive for a few days, why not forever?

And so I figured if I practiced the head stuff and got better at it, maybe I could make it permanent.

I was right.

You can make it permanent.

You want that?

You can have it.

You just need the right tools and the right understanding.

(It can be simple. You don't need to sit cross legged on the floor and chant. A comfy chair will do the trick).

You need the right amount of support to get you to the point where the practice is a habit.

Where it becomes super natural, and the outside support isn’t needed to keep you going.

If you want that?

If any of the above resonates with you?

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Have a great day.

Live well, okay? You don't know how much time you have. - Arjuna

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